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Founded in 1955, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers has evolved from a simple eye hospital in Jeddah, the first private specialized facility in the Middle East and Africa. Magrabi was the first to introduce the principle of sub-specialization in ophthalmology. This concept improves the skills and experience of ophthalmologists in each subspecialty.

Magrabi was the first in the Middle East to perform a corneal transplant surgery in 1968, the intraocular lens implant in 1972, vision correction by radial keratotomy in 1980, cataract by phaco in 1981, Lasik in 1989, Femtolasik in 2003 and laser assisted cataract in 2011. Additionally, one of Magrabi doctors, Dr. Mohammad Anwar, discovered a unique method for corneal for corneal transplants that will reduce the cornea rejection incidence.

Now, Magrabi has become the largest eye care network in the world, providing eye care to more than 1,000,000 patients and performing more than 100,000 sight-preserving surgeries annually.  Magrabi operates in 30 locations distributed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saltanat of Oman, Yemen, and Egypt.



Magrabi has a team of high caliber doctors graduating from the top universities and ophthalmology institutes. Magrabi sends doctors in fellowships in the United States and Europe to be updated with the latest surgical technologies.


Latest Equipment & Technologies

Magrabi Hospitals & Centers is always keen to adopt the latest technologies and surgical equipment. Magrabi had the second Excimer laser machine in the world, the first intralase machine outside the USA, first intralase machine for cataract surgery and first phaco machine.



Magrabi Hospitals & Centers is committed to delivering the highest quality services to our patients by implementing the top international quality standards of quality and patient safety. Magrabi is proud that almost all its surgical facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission International for hospitals accreditation (JCI).

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