Refractive, Cornea & External Eye diseases Unit

Magrabi Hospitals’ Refractive Surgery and Cornea, External Eye diseases Unit is concerned with offering the latest technology and the highest precision in curing vision disorders. During these common eye disorders such as Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism can relieve patients from glasses or contact lenses for good, using these refractive eye surgery techniques: FemtoSmile Lasik Femtolasik Lasik Transepithelium (TransPRK) Epilasik Lasek Phakic IOL Intacs (Intracornial Rings) Cornea, External Eye diseases unit provide the following services: Treatment of diseases of the Cornea Treatment of Keratoconus by corneal rings and by cross-linking Treatment of diseases of the conjunctiva Treatment of ocular allergies Corneal transplant surgeries