Laryngology and Phoniatric Division

  • Diagnosis and Management of delayed language development
  • Rehabilitation of deaf children.
  • Diagnosis and management of speech disorders.
  • Assessment of voice problems
  • Acoustic Analysis of voice
  • Voice therapy
  • Laser phonosurgery
  • Diagnosis & treatment of globus and dysphagia
  • Diagnosis & treatment of laryngeal lesions
  • Flexible hypopharyngeal and laryngeal endoscopy

Rhinology Division

a. Nasal Allergy Unit

  •  Sensitivity and Allergy Tests
  •  Smell Sensation Tests
  •  Immunotherapy for Allergy

b. Nasal Endoscopy Unit

  •  Endoscopic examination and diagnosis of nose and sinuses
  •  Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  •  Endoscopic surgery for tumor of the nose
  •  Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy
  •  Endoscopic repair of C.S.F. Rhinorrhea
  •  Endoscopic Septoplasty

d. Snoring Unit

  •  Diagnosis and Management of snoring

Otology Division

a. Audiology Unit

  •  Early detection of hearing loss in infants and newborn
  •  Diagnosis of hearing loss causes
  •  Prescription of Hearing Aids

b. Vestibular Unit

  • Diagnosis of vertigo and dizziness causes
  • Management of positional vertigo
  • Vestibular and Balance exercises

c. Cochlear Implant Unit

  • Evaluation of Cochlear Implant patients of all ages by hearing and speech testing
  • Pre-operative fitting of Hearing Aids
  • Psychometric analysis of child and infants
  • Speech evaluation of pre & post lingual patients
  • Surgical implantation of cochlear implants
  • Post operative tuning and fitting of external speech processor
  • Auditory and speech rehabilitation

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