Prosthodontics Unit

This unit works to treat lost or deficient teeth and restore function, comfort, appearance and health through artificial, fixed or removable prostheses. These prosthetic solutions can range from crowns, veneersdentures or artificial teeth anchored to the jawbone.

This prosthesis can be implanted safely and comfortably for patients at Magrabi Hospitals & Centers.

Oral Surgery Unit

Magrabi Hospitals’ Oral Surgery Unit diagnoses and treats diseases, defects and injuries of the oral cavity and its surrounding structures (mouth, jaws, face and neck).

Treatments include teeth extraction, diseased tissues removal, impacted teeth exposure, fractured jaws wiring and dental implants placing.

Orthodontics Unit

The Orthodontics Unit is concerned with the treatment of teeth misalignment, caused by the crowded or misaligned jaws, crooked teeth or teeth gaps.

This could be done through a variety of methods of adjusting and restoring the teeth’s shape using braces, retainers, and other dental devices.

Pediatric Dentistry Unit

With special care and extensive knowledge, the Pedodontics Unit at Magrabi Hospitals and Centers is concerned with the treatment of children’s dental issues. It is not only about treatment, but also, the behavioral prevention of common children’s teeth problems. All done with a particular understanding of the child’s psychological nature and in alignment with Magrabi’s vast expertise.

Periodontics Unit

The Periodontics unit is concerned with diagnosis, management and treatment of gum diseases and conditions. Diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis can affect the gum causing symptoms like irritation, inflammation, erythema, swelling and teeth loss.

That’s why treatments like surgery, exposure of oral implants and chewing adjustments are performed at Magrabi Hospitals for optimum patient satisfaction.

Endodontics Unit

Because there is nothing quite like natural teeth, the Endodontics Unit asures saving teeth suffering from inflamed or infected dental pulp. The dental pulp is the soft hollow inside the tooth containing nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cellular entities.

When contaminated, a Root canal is performed where the pulp is decontaminated and the tooth’s health restored.

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