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Magrabi Dental Centers was the first in the Middle East to introduce the sub-specialties based practice, as it offers 7 sub-specialties in the dental care field. This discipline gives more accurate results in the diagnosis and treatment of the dental diseases.

Magrabi Dental Centers implements the highest international quality standards in dental care and infection control.


Magrabi has a team of high caliber doctors graduating from the top universities and institutes. Magrabi sends doctors in fellowships in the United States and Europe to be updated with the latest surgical technologies.


Latest Equipment & Technologies

Magrabi Hospitals & Centers is always keen to adopt the latest technologies and surgical equipment.


Magrabi Hospitals & Centers is committed to delivering the highest quality services to our patients by implementing the top international quality standards of quality and patient safety. Magrabi is proud that almost all its surgical facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission International for hospitals accreditation (JCI).


Magrabi Hospitals & Centers vision is to be the leading, most reputable and recognized sub-specialized provider of Ophthalmology, ENT and Dentistry services throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


Magrabi Hospitals and Centers’ mission is to provide customer oriented and top quality Ophthalmology, ENT & Dentistry services, in compliance with the highest international standards.



  • Patient Satisfaction

We are committed to meet the healthcare needs of our patients and their expectations of cultural diversity.

  • Accountability

We accept the responsibility for our individual and collective actions and ensure high quality clinical outcomes and safe environment.

  • Commitment

We are dedicated and work hard to provide quality services to patients and co-workers.

  • Compassion

We demonstrate empathy and caring in all that we say and do. It means sharing in the emotions and feelings of our patients.

  • Motivation

We are committed to the professional training, career development, and personal satisfaction of our medical and non-medical staff members and we encourage team accomplishments by promoting honesty, commitment, and initiative.

  • Ethics and Integrity

We are committed to providing the highest standards of patient care/ satisfaction in an environment that maintains high moral ethical principles and is sensitive to the importance of patient rights.

  • Continuous Performance Improvement

We enhance the effective use of our resources in a cost efficient manner through continual improvement of our performance and delivered services.

  • Education

We improve patient care and the ways in which it is delivered by supporting innovation, continual education, research, and the use of state of the art technology

  • Contribution to Community

We fulfill our societal responsibility and commitment to the community through Al Nour Foundation and other associated charity activities.

  • Confidentiality

We maintain the confidentiality of information of our clients / patients.

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