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This hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for implementing the highest international standards of quality and patients’ safety.

Magrabi free workshop for technicians & optometrist

In Photo: Ebsar charity & Magrabi organize a free workshop for the technician and optometrists in the Chamber of Commerce , Jeddah. This workshop is held for the first time, .

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Magrabi 1st Dental conference

Magrabi 1st Dental conference - Jeddah under patronage of Dr. Abdulrahman Barzanji (MHC Chief Operation Officer). Magrabi devoted all efforts and energies to provide the presence a rich and interactive .

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Address : Jeddah - Makka Road - Kilo 3 - Khozam Street

Phone : 920018000

Appointments office : Ext. 8

Admission office : Ext. 760

Medical coordination/companies : Ext. 705 - 454

Email : jeddah-hospital@magrabi.com.sa