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World Diabetes Day 2017 @Magrabi UAE

Magrabi Hospitals & Centers in UAE have been keen to carry out an intensive awareness campaign on World Diabetes Day 2017 in order to ensure their social responsibility and to .

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Magrabi (Al-Ain) JCI Accreditation

Congratulations to our dedicated hard working team in Al-Ain Center for achieving the “JCI” accreditation. What is JCI Accreditation? Each hospital and health care organization that applies for JCI accreditation .

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Address : Hazaa' Bin Sultan Airport Road

Phone : 0097137612424

Receptionists : Ext. 300 – 224

Admission office : Ext. 227

Medical coordination/companies : Ext. 353

Mobile : 0506492067

Email : alain@magrabi.com.sa