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Do not worry about visiting your dentist anymore. The CEREC CAD/CAM is the latest technology in the field of dental prostheses with the following video with Dr. Karim Khattab, a dental prostheses specialist in Magrabi Dental Centers - Jeddah.
CEREC CAD CAM is the latest and most accurate dental technology.
Find out more about this new technology through the following video with Dr. Karim Khattab, Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist at Magrabi Dental Centers - Jeddah.
One of the latest devices used in digital dentistry is the CEREC CAD/CAM, a device to recreate the lost part of the tooth, whether it is filler, paneling, bridge or veneer. As it is much faster and more accurate than normal methods.
Learn more about the CEREC CAD/CAM through the following video.
Prosthodontics is a process performed by the doctor to replace the lost or damaged part of the teeth with another artificial part in order to obtain teeth that perform the function of natural teeth and similar in shape, which also gives an aesthetic form. In this video, Dr. Rasha Ibrahim from Magrabi hospitals explain the latest technologies and Devices used in Prosthodontics.
Prosthodontics are considered a complete replacement of the patient's mouth in terms of function, smile, shape and appearance.
Learn more about how Prosthodontics work with Dr. Abdulrahman Barzanji, Consultant of Industrial Wares and Cosmetic Dentistry, Chief Executive Officer of Magrabi Dental and Chief Operating Officer of Magrabi Hospitals & Centers.
Learn about the latest materials for Prosthodontics with Dr. Karim Khattab, Dental Specialist, Magrabi Dental Center, Al-Marjan District, Jeddah.

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