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The eye condition called Cataract, usually a result of aging, is the clouding of the Crystalline Lens. The clarity of the Crystalline Lens is essential for healthy vision. As it allows light to pass through to focus into the Cornea and reflect on the Retina. When the Crystalline Lens is clouded, the image reaching the Retina is blurred and unclear and its colors are faded.

The Posterior Capsular Cataract is the forming of small clumps, which grows gradually. Another type of Cataract is the Cortical Cataract, which is the formation of small spoke-like opacities that start from the edge of the Lens moving inward. Nuclear hardening is another kind of Cataract that begins as yellowing and hardening at the center of the Lens and expands over time.

These kinds of Cataracts cause light entering the Lens to scatter instead of focusing. If left untreated, they can increase in severity and lead to vision loss.
The Cataract Surgery is a common and safe operation that Cataract patients rely on to restore their vision to optimal state. The operation is simple and can be performed at any of the Magrabi Eye branches.

It constitutes a small incision in the Cornea that enables the surgeon to insert a surgical instrument that peels off the front layer of the Lens. Next, the Cataract is removed and a replacement Lens is set in place. Then, the patient’s vision is back to its healthy state.
Another solution for eliminating Cataract is the Accommodative IOL Lens implants, which are a kind of Lens implants that work with the eye muscles enabling vision for both near, far away or in-between objects. This artificial Lens option changes its shape inside the eye in order to focus on any object.

A new kind of Multifocal Lens is also available to eradicate the need for reading glasses after Cataract removal or Lens implants. This kind of Lens is designed to cure Presbyopia.
The After Cataract is a condition that may or may not follow the Cataract within months or years of its treatment. It a result of the clouding of the Posterior Capsule that holds the Lens in place.

The Yag Laser Capsulotomy is a laser procedure done to enable light to pass through the Posterior Capsule. This eliminates any After Cataract symptoms and restores the patient’s vision to normal.
The femtosecond technique used in femto Cataract surgery greatly assists in the treatment of Cataract and improves the accuracy and safety of surgery.

Learn more about the femto Cataract technique with Dr. Hazem Hamzawy, Head of the Glaucoma and Cataract Departments at Magrabi Hospitals and Centers and the Medical Director of Magrabi Hospital - Jeddah.
What are the methods of cataract treatment? Is there a drug treatment or not?

Let us introduce together the methods of cataract treatment with Dr. Hazem Hamzawy, Head of the Glaucoma and Cataract Departments at Magrabi Hospitals and Centers and the Medical Director of Magrabi Hospital, Jeddah.
Is the process of removing Cataract a process to dispense with medical glasses such as LASIK?

Let us identify together with Dr. Hazem Al-Hamzawi, Head of the Glaucoma and Cataract Departments at Magrabi Hospitals and Centers and the Medical Director of Maghrabi Hospital, Jeddah.
When does a cataract patient need surgical intervention?

Together we learn about the answer with Dr. Amr Odeh, Consultant of Ophthalmology at Magrabi Hospitals & Centers, Riyadh.
One of the most important developments in Cataract surgery is that most surgeries are performed by ultrasound.
Learn about the latest techniques in the treatment of Cataract with Dr. Awad Al-Qarni Consultant Corneal, Correction and Cataract Surgery in Magrabi Hospitals and Centers - Jeddah.
One of the main causes of Cataract is aging, high blood sugar, some genetic diseases, internal eye infections, etc.
Dr. Awad Al-Qarni Consultant of Corneal, Correction and Cataract Surgery at Magrabi Hospitals & Centers, Jeddah, on Cataract, its causes and treatment methods.
When does a patient need a Cataract operation? Does Cataract reappear after the operation or not?
All this and more through the following video with Dr. Awad Al-Qarni Consultant Corneal surgery and eye correction and Cataract in Magrabi's hospitals and centers - Jeddah.

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