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The eye is a vast and intricate structure that provides one of the most visceral and vital senses to the human experience. In order to properly diagnose and treat any eye condition, we need to understand and study the structure of the eye.

Starting from what we first notice when we see the eye: the iris, the pupil and the crystalline lens to the inner structures of the eye: the cornea, the ciliary body and the vitreous body.

All of these elements and more contribute in the way we see life. In this video, we examine each of these specifics of the eye as we know it; from its location to its function to the way it shapes our vision.
Have you ever wondered what the white part that covers the majority of the eye does? The Sclera covers 5\6 of the eye, in order to provide protection for the eye’s sensitive components. The Sclera also serves as an attachment for the eye’s muscles. But the eye is much more than what you see on the surface.

The Choroid is the spongy middle layer of your eye that is located beneath the Sclera. The spongy layer nourishes the Retina, which is key for clear vision. The Retina is the nerve layer that lines the back of your eye. It senses light and sends impulses through the Optic Nerve to the brain to achieve vision.

In cooperation with each other, the eye’s components complete a model through which we appreciate and enjoy life.

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