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What is the Sign and Symptom?

The signs and symptoms of glaucoma vary, depending on the type of glaucoma.

Primary open-angle glaucoma
Primary open-angle glaucoma often goes undetected for years. Pressure within the eye increases gradually, with no early warning signs. But eventually, you lose more and more of your side vision until only a narrow section of your visual field remains clear. This type of glaucoma tends to affect both eyes, although you may have symptoms in just one eye first. In addition to reduced peripheral vision, the signs and symptoms of primary open angle glaucoma may include:
• Sensitivity to glare
• Trouble differentiating between varying shades of light and dark

Angle-closure glaucoma
Attacks of angle-closure glaucoma often develop suddenly, but you also may have preliminary warnings weeks or even months ahead of a severe attack. Glaucoma attacks usually occur in the evening when the light is dim and your pupils are dilated. The pain may be very severe and cause vomiting. Other signs and symptoms of acute glaucoma may include:
• Blurred vision, usually in just the eye involved
• Halos appearing around lights
• Reddening of your affected eye

Congenital glaucoma
This type of glaucoma is usually present at birth, but signs and symptoms — such as eyes that seem cloudy, are often watery or teary or are sensitive to light — may not appear until an infant is a few months old.

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