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Should I brush at work?

Definitely, but most Americans don’t brush during the workday. Yet a recent survey by Oral-B Laboratories and the Academy of General Dentistry shows if you keep a toothbrush at work, the chances you will brush during the day increase by 65 percent. Dentists recommend keeping a toothbrush at work.

Getting the debris off teeth right away stops sugary snacks from turning to damaging acids, and catches starchy foods like potato chips before they turn to cavity-causing sugar. If you brush with fluoride toothpaste in the morning and before going to bed, you don’t even need to use toothpaste at work. You can just brush and rinse before heading back to the desk. If you don’t have a toothbrush, rinsing your mouth with water for 30 seconds after lunch also helps.

The following tips may improve your work-time brushing habits: -Post a sticky note on your desk or computer at work as a reminder to brush teeth after lunch. -Brush teeth right after lunch, before you become absorbed in work. -Store your toothbrush and toothpaste at work in a convenient and handy place. -Make brushing your teeth part of your freshening up routine at work.

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