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How do I know if I am suitable for Trans PRK ?

You will need to go through an in-depth pre-surgical evaluation. Eye surgeons and optometrists will check your eyes thoroughly. Some ...

What are advantages of Trans PRK technology?

Shortens treatment time Minimizes risk of corneal dehydration Speeds up the healing process

What is Trans epithelium (Trans PRK) Refractive surgery?

This new technology is used to correct vision errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The SCHWIND AMARIS laser system ...

What are chances of success of Femto smile technology?

Provides a broader spectrum of vision errors that can be corrected at higher safety margins with high success rates.

What are advantages of femto smile technology over other technologies?

– Preserving the cornea. – Preserving corneal nerves. – Possibility of treating higher degrees of vision errors. – No pain during or after the ...

What is Femto smile Refractive Surgery?

Femto smile is the latest technology in vision correction to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The procedure is totally ‘flap-less’, ...

What are the Lasik risks?

Based on a decade of studies with the laser and a century of research on corneal healing, most experts in ...

Can I wear eye make-up after Lasik?

You should avoid wearing eye make-up for 2 weeks after treatment.

Can I rub my eyes after a Lasik?

Don't rub your eyes at all for 2 weeks and try to minimize rubbing your eyes during the first 4 ...

What about swimming after lasik?

You should avoid swimming for 4 weeks after treatment because of the risk of infection.

When to play sports after Lasik?

Gentle exercise for the first 2 weeks after treatment is fine, after which you can resume more strenuous activity, such ...

When does the eye heal after Lasik?

Vision stabilizes more rapidly after a LASIK procedure. Most patients are able to drive the next day, and will see ...