5th MAGRABI International Congress

Comprehensive Ophthalmology Overview

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) - UAE


mic-logo-newThe largest international congress for ophthalmologists in the UAE. We are dedicating all efforts to provide you with a rich and interactive experience of the scientific congress.

Discussing Vital topics, Scientific breakthroughs and the future of ophthalmology. Our world renowned panel of speakers and affiliates in sub specialization are committed to raising the ophthalmology standards and skills as a part of the continued commitment on behalf of MAGRABI hospitals and hope you join us in participation for the biggest MAGRABI International Congress yet.


Message from Chairman                                            وليد التركي - Walid Al Turki  

It gives me a great honor to welcome you to attend 5th MAGRABI International Congress which will take place in Abu Dhabi from 26th to 28th of January 2017. The organizing and the scientific committees are working together to provide interactive and interesting ophthalmology comprehensive overview. 5th MIC theme is; Be on top, Be interactive, Be ready and Be one of us.

As chairman of this event, I hope to bring together a good program that stimulates both our clinical knowledge and scientific intellect. This will be through a combination of interesting lectures and engaging “hands-on” workshops that will enrich our current knowledge and clinical skills. A holistic and interactive approach has been employed in planning the workshops in which we shall discuss the latest techniques and the management of concurrent conditions or complications, I am confident that 5th MIC will be a truly enjoyable and satisfying experience.

We are so excited to have the pleasure of hosting you in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Walid Al Turki
5th MIC Chairman



Having hosted successful and praised MIC congresses during the past in collaboration with ISRS creating a unique experience of gathering attendees and renowned speakers to present and discuss the latest break through in the fields of ophthalmology. Improved learning curve in various sub-specialties and a message to take home.

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Our Mission

To provide rich interactive scientific program contains the most updated ophthalmology topics in the world through world renowned international speakers, regional speakers and Magrabi speakers as part of Magrabi Hospital and centers commitment to raise ophthalmology standards and skills

Our Vision

To be the most reputable & recognized ophthalmology congress in the region.


Why Attend MIC ?

We are dedicating our efforts and experience to provide rich interactive scientific program contains the most updated and important ophthalmology topics in the world through world renowned international speakers, regional speakers and affiliation with international bodies in all subspecialty as part of Magrabi Hospital and centers commitment to raise ophthalmology standards and skills.


Dr. Walid Al-Turki

VitreoRetina, KSA

Dr. M. Alaa El-Danasoury

Cornea & Refractive surgery, KSA

Dr. David Tse

Oculoplasty Oncology ,USA

Dr. Jan Tjeerd de Faber

Pediatric Ophthalmology ,NL

Dr. Seyhan Özkan

Pediatric Ophthalmology, TURKEY

Dr Abdulrahman Al Amri

Cornea & Cataract & Refractive,KSA

Dr. William Smiddy

VitreoRetina ,USA

Dr. Luz Maria Vasquez

Oculoplasty , SPAIN

Dr.John Sloper

Pediatric Ophthalmology ,UK

Dr. Jorge Alio

Cornea& Cataract & Refractive , SPAIN

Dr. Erik Mertens

Cataract & Cornea , BELGIUM

Dr. David Verity

Oculoplasty, UK

Dr. Saurabh Jain

Pediatric Ophthalmology , UK

Dr. Gonzalo Munoz


Dr. Ahmed Al Saadi

Cornea & Refractive, UAE

Dr. Paolo Vinciguerra

Refractive, ITALY

Dr. Ma’an Al Barry

Cornea & Refractive,KSA

Dr. Konrad Scharger Palacios

Anterior Segment & Glaucoma,Spain

Dr. Ramon Medel

Oculoplasty, SPAIN

Dr. Mohammad Aly

Cataract & Glaucoma, UAE

Dr. Hassan Sabry

Pediatric ophthalmology,UAE

Dr. Amr Faried

Vitreo Retina,UAE

Dr. Mohammed Aboshousha

Cornea & Refractive,USA

Dr. Ajay Rana

Oculoplasty, INDIA

Dr. Hisham Hamdy

Cornea & Refractive,UAE

Dr. Tarek El Naggar


Dr. Magdy Helal

Cataract & Glaucoma,EGYPT

Dr. Jodhbir Mehta

Cornea and Refractive,Singapore

Dr. Ahmad Hassan

Vitreo Retina,UAE

Dr. Mohamed A Latif


Dr. Ayman El Ghonemy

Pediatric Opthalmology,EGYPT

Dr. Saleh Al Messabi

Cornea & Refractive,UAE

Dr. Khaled Abdeen

Cataract & Glaucoma,UAE

Dr. Riham Afifi


Dr. Salim Zafar

Vitreo Retina,UAE

Dr. Moustafa Abdel Hafez

Pediatric Ophthalmology,Egypt

Dr. Bassam El-Kady

Cornea & Refractive,KSA

Dr. Tamer Gamaly

Cornea & Refractive,UAE

Dr. Waleed Ghobashy

Cataract & Glaucoma,UAE

Dr. Wael El Menawy

Cataract & Glaucoma,UAE

Dr. Hussien Khairy


Dr. Ossama Hakim

Pediatric ophthalmology, KSA

Dr. khaled AlArfaj

Cornea & Refractive,KSA

Email : mic@magrabi.com.sa

Phone : +971 558 873568

Fax : +971 4 4290685