3rd International Nursing Symposium in Riyadh

Navigating New Directions in Holistic Care

Magrabi Hospital,Riyadh

MagrabiHospitals and Centers are pleased to announce the theme for the 3rd Nursing Symposium
“Navigating New Direction in Holistic Careµ to bheld and sponsored by Magrabi Hospital-Riyad – KSA”
Take charge of people·s health and be aware of the latest trend and lifestyle changes that can affect the course of the disease, improve quality of life, and support personal relationships.Putting aside the resistance that occurs with change, new information tends to shift the perspective we have on a subject. Such changes occur throughout the healthcare. The process of infusing new knowledge into the system results in a better understanding of our work and ultimately transform the way we practice.What we especially encourage is for you to participate and be a part of the continuing education opportunities by heart, so that you can replenish and nourish the soul of you in nursing. What nourishes your heart works in mysterious ways? Ironically these are the activities that will feed and haul the most lasting impact on your nursing career because knowledge is a treasure that will follow you everywhere.
Target Audience
  • Nurses
  • Allied Health Care Specialists
  • Lina P.Dime
  • Chairperson
  • Organizing Committee


Dr Nagwa