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Ultra Lasik vs Femto Lasik … Differences and Similarities.

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Ultra Lasik vs Femto Lasik … Differences and Similarities.

LASIK which is an acronym for: laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a very innovative procedure, that helped millions of people all over the world restore the acuity of their eyesight.

Many devices have been developed with innovative technologies throughout the years.

Improving almost all aspects of laser eye surgeries to decrease complications and increase accuracy, precision and safety!

One of these technologies is ultra Lasik and the other is femto Lasik.

Let’s find out more about how are they different and how are they similar!


  • Both treat refractive eye errors including: myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and Astigmatism
  • Both create a thin flap off the cornea.
  • Then use Excimer laser to reshape the cornea making it flatter or more curved to treat the refractive error according to your eye diopter.
  • After the surgery, their aftercare instructions are very similar.
  • Both procedures are: safe, efficient and requires less recovery time.


The main difference between procedures is the first laser device used to create the corneal flap.

In femto Lasik, the laser used is femtosecond laser an extremely precise laser beam is directed on the cornea to create a microscopically thin corneal flap.

While in ultra Lasik, the laser creates an ultra-thin corneal flap. This allows the surgeon to place the flap at the most ideal position for best results. It is much thinner and precise than conventional Lasik procedures. Reducing recovery time and complications.

what to choose?

Actually, the choice between ultra or femto Lasik is totally up to your eye surgeon.

According to your general health condition, your eye examination, your corneal thickness, your corneal epithelium, the extent of your refractive error and your daily activities. your doctor will determine which procedure can help you the most.

Magrabi’s advice:

LASIK technologies are getting more creative and innovative by each day. Making it very confusing to chose what is best for you. To know what is best for you, leave yourself to the hands of the professionals at Magrabi, not only are they highly qualified, but at Magrabi’s hospitals we only have the latest types of laser devices to give you the best outcomes, greatest acuity and almost no complications.

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