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Ultra Lasik, ultra-technology for Lasik eye surgeries.

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Ultra Lasik, ultra-technology for Lasik eye surgeries.

One of the trendiest methods to get rid of your eyeglasses and contact lenses forever is using laser technology in correcting the reason you wore eyeglasses in the first place: refractive errors.

LASIK is a procedure of great technology, it ensured millions of safe eye surgeries all over the world.

One of its types is ULTRA LASIK.

What is ultra-Lasik?

Ultra-Lasik, ensures the highest level of precision and safety in corrective eye surgeries.

Ultra-Lasik with the help of the custom Wavefront device, can create an ultra-thin corneal flap instead of the traditional microkeratome that caused many complications.

With its high-speed pulse, it allows great accuracy in finding and creating the ideal flap location.

So, when the Excimer laser passed beyond the flap, it can easily reshape the cornea into the perfect curve, correcting the refractive error present almost immediately and with ultimate safety.

Then the flap is put back into place, creating a self-bandage to heal itself and prevent many traditional complications.

Advantages of Ultra Lasik

  • Ultra-safety
  • Decreased risk during the cutting of the corneal flap.
  • Less complications in comparison to other laser eye technologies.
  • Decreased risk of corneal inflammation and infection
  • Less recovery interval.
  • Even flap thickness every time.
  • Excellent visual results.
  • Faster visual improvement.
  • Minimal discomfort and eye dryness.
  • Can treat higher refractive errors.
  • 96% visual correction.
  • Minimal pain during and after the surgery.
  • No bandages or stitches required
  • No more eyeglasses or contact lenses dependence.
  • Re-correction is possible if needed.

Disadvantages of ultra-Lasik

Side effects and complications of ultra-Lasik is very very rare. But they include:

  • Dry eyes: it is common to experience dryness immediately after the surgery and it only needs some natural tear drops to overcome this feeling.
  • Glare
  • Seeing halos around light sources.
  • Difficulty night vision
  • Fluctuating vision acuity

Now, that you know that ultra-Lasik is an amazing technology, but is it for you?

Who is fit for ultra-Lasik?

If you have suffered a good share of your life from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism . Then you are definitely on the top of the list for ultra-Lasik surgery.

But you need to check a few more boxes, like:

  • Your age: at least 18 years old.
  • Health: generally healthy.
  • Refractive error duration: stable for at least 6-12 months.
  • Refractive error diopter prescriptions: between -12 to +6.

Magrabi’s advice:

Refractive errors have always been solved by wearing eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. But with the latest technologies of ultra-Lasik you can forget about eyeglasses once and for all! Book your appointment to consult with Magrabi’s eye professionals now.

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