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Orthodontics, Brace yourself!

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Orthodontics, Brace yourself!

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is specialized in fixing jaw and tooth problems with the help of special devices.

What orthodontics fixes?

Many people are born with perfectly aligned teeth. Others aren’t lucky enough, So ortho helps:

  • Close wide gaps between the teeth.
  • Align teeth.
  • Straightens crooked teeth.
  • Treats crowded teeth.
  • Improves speech.
  • Improves chewing.
  • Treats underbite or overbite or cross bite.
  • Treats deep bite and reverse bite.
  • Treats protruded teeth.
  • Treats cleft lip and/or palate.
  • Treats thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.
  • Prevents gum inflammation (find out more about gingivitis here).

On top of treating all that, orthodontics gives you a nice smile and boosts up your confidence!

What are the main devices used in orthodontic treatment?

All devices used in orthodontics are custom made to suit every case individually.

  1. Braces: which consists of brackets, wires and bands
  2. Fixed space maintainers: this helps keep the gap of a lost baby tooth intact till the permanent one emerges.
  3. Removable retainers: like the fixed ones, but it can be removed.
  4. Special fixed appliances: helps with tongue thrusting (thumbs sucking).
  5. Aligners: they function like the braces but are practically invisible and are removable.
  6. Headgear: it is a strap that goes from the back of your head to your jaw. It slows down upper jaw protrusion.
  7. Lip/cheek bumpers.
  8. Retainers: after completing the treatment plan, these retainers are used to keep the results and prevent the treated teeth from moving back to their old positions.

Orthodontics treatment plan

First, your orthodontic will need to assess your teeth’s status and possible prognosis, by taking:

  • Full medical and family history.
  • Full dental history.
  • Full oral clinical examination.
  • X-ray images for your teeth and jaw.
  • Casts for your jaw.

Second, your orthodontist will determine what is the best treatment plan for your case. And will recommend the best device to correct your misaligned/crooked teeth.

Third, before applying the device, your doctor will make sure your teeth is not decayed or have any gum inflammation. And if there are any complications, he will treat them first.

Fourth, after applying the device, he /she will give you all the required instructions to keep your teeth healthy and your devices working.

Fifth, follow up with your doctor, according to the designed schedule.

Magrabi’s advice:

Your traditional doctor can’t help you fix your misaligned teeth, crowded jaw or any of these problems. Only an orthodontist can. Orthodontics use specialized devices to help with under/over/cross bites. It also improves your teeth’s appearance and prevents many related complications. This gives you the perfect smile and boosts your confidence. Book an appointment now !!

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