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How to get rid of glasses, temporarily and permanently!

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How to get rid of glasses, temporarily and permanently!

Glasses are normally divided into sunglasses and eyeglasses. Each are important to your eyes for different reasons. Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun, meaning you have to wear them even if your vision is 20/20 as long as you are exposed to the sun and its rays all day long.

Eyeglasses on the other hand are used when you already have a problem with your eyes. These problems are known as refractive errors.

Refractive errors are eyesight problems that prevent your from seeing near objects clearly (farsightedness) which directly affects your reading. Or prevents you from seeing far objects properly (nearsightedness) which directly affects your everyday life and routine. Or prevents you from seeing clearly altogether (Astigmatism).

All these errors are easily corrected by wearing the proper eyeglasses after you see your ophthalmologist.

Why get rid of glasses?

Wearing eyeglasses prevents you from having a normal life where you can go swimming, or have good photos, or looking the person you love in the eyes.

It also causes you fatigue and headaches if used for too long, or if your work is to stare into a screen all day long.

Not only that, it is easily affected by sweat, water vapor, rain and humidity.

How to get rid of glasses?

To totally toss your glasses, you need to ask yourself, do I want them off temporarily or forever?

How to get rid of glasses temporarily?

If you are comfortable with your glasses and only want a break every once in a while, then using contact lenses as a replacement is the easiest way out.

Visit your eye doctor, re-examine your eyes, get a new contact lenses prescription and congrats on your new look.

But take care, you need extra care with the contacts as they directly touch your cornea, which means you have to clean them every day, don’t put them at harm, beware of corneal inflammation and abrasions!

And you have to take them off on regular basis for hydration and hygiene.

As you can see, this is already a hassle. So, you may think about getting rid of glasses forever!

How to get rid of glasses permanently?

LASIK is the solution.

LASIK surgeries offer a permanent solution for refractive eye errors with their wide arrays of techniques and recent innovations, you can have your eyesight restored to normal in less than 30 minutes!

All you have to do is consult with your eye doctor, ask him/her about LASIK surgeries, their latest technology, advantages, disadvantages, costs and more.

Your doctor will recommend what is best for you, and if you are cleared fit for eye surgery then you will be scheduled for surgery the nearest date possible.

On that day you have a lot to do but trust us, you will come out that operation room a totally different person.

You will have sharp vision without any external help, you can go swimming, diving, hiking or doing something as simple as watching a 3D movie!

Magrabi’s advice on how to ger rid of glasses:

The best advice Magrabi hospitals can give you is to visit your eye doctor as soon as you wish to get rid of your glasses. Only your doctor can tell you if contact lenses are good for your, or resolving to LASIK surgeries are the best solution for your eyes.

Lasik surgery hold great benefits and can restore your eyesight immediately and effectively. Ask your doctor about them and know all about their pros and cons. After all it is your decision!

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