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7 FAQs about prosthodontics!

7 FAQs about prosthodontics!

What is Prosthodontics?

It is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with replacing the missing teeth or restoring its function.

It needs a specialized dentist known as a prosthodontist who specializes in providing care for patients in need of restoring their teeth’s function and appearance or have jaw problems. If you are having major dental surgery, a prosthodontist is an essential member of the surgical team.


What does prosthodontics provide?

This branch and its specialized doctors provide extra care for your tooth especially if it is missing and needs a replacement like a bridge, or if its function is impaired due to tooth decay for example and requires a crown or even a tooth implant. It also ensures that when fixing the dental problem, it restores its function too and most importantly maintains a natural and aesthetically attractive appearance.


How do Prosthodontists Differ from regular Dentists?

Unlike dentists who can start practicing immediately after graduation and receiving their bachelor’s degree in dentistry.

prosthodontists must undergo specialized training in this field for at least three years followed by a master’s degree in this subspecialty. Exactly like a general practitioner and a cardiologist.

What are the common problems that prosthodontics treat?

Prosthodontics is concerned with the management and treatment of many oral issues most revolving around missing teeth and function due to tooth decay or gingivitis or other oral problems, but it also helps with cleft palate, snoring and sleep apnea.

This subspecialty is also concerned with working in a team that treats dental injury due to trauma or accidents.

A prosthodontist helps treat:

  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Fixed and removable dentures
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Geriatric patients with special oral needs
  • Snoring and sleep apnea disorders.
  • Congenital missing teeth or cleft palates.
  • Treatment of temporomandibular joint syndrome/disorder (TMD)
  • Traumatic injuries that affect the teeth and/ or jaw.
  • Oral cancer treatment and reconstruction.

How does prosthodontics work?

According to the problem you suffer from, your doctor will intervene.

His main focus is to restore the function and appearance of this tooth. The problem could be solved by reshaping your tooth, installing bridges, crowns, dentures, implants or veneers.

Reshaping your tooth:

This includes filing your teeth or adding a certain bond to refill the gaps between your teeth.

Bridges and Implants:

If you have lost one tooth then an implant is important to restore its function, if you have lost more than one tooth then implants maybe a little bit more expensive, so bridges may come in handy as a replacement of the missing tooth.

A bridge is one or more crowns linked together to create one single unit that is fixed on two healthy teeth to fill the gap of the missing tooth. This ensures that there are no gaps or missing teeth and you can now eat properly and look pretty too.

Implants are now the go-to choice for many prosthodontists as they have grown popular and are one of the best methods to totally restore a tooth and its function. Implants are basically made of titanium bone posts and a false porcelain tooth.

The titanium post is fixed into your jaw bone then after it fuses completely the false tooth is crowned on top of the tooth. This means that you have totally replaced this missing tooth for life!

Know more about “Bridges and Implants


If you miss more than a few teeth, then dentures are in order.

Dentures must be designed to look and feel real and comfortable. It may offer a perfect solution for many patients but many others don’t feel comfortable with it.


This solution is magical for people with a temporomandibular joint disorder, it helps relieve the pain as it lessens the pressure exerted on your joint.
Porcelain Veneers:

They are wafer-thin shells made of a ceramic material that bond to the front surfaces of the teeth that requires a dramatic appearance change or do-over.

After removing a part of the enamel, a certain bond is applied on this tooth then this veneer that is custom-designed to fit this tooth’s size. shape and color will be installed. And it can also be used to fill gaps between teeth.

How to choose a prosthodontist?

Choosing a prosthodontist is not an easy task, it requires extensive research, with many parameters including:

your area of residence, the reviews of your friends and family members about certain prosthodontists, the expertise, training, education, and certificates of the appointed prosthodontist, your first visit to the prosthodontist you chose and how friendly he/she is, the medical team involved in your treatment, the cleanness and professionality of the clinic or dental center.

What is a dental team?

In certain conditions and diseases, a dental team is essential to recreate and restore your jaw function and tooth.

This team usually consists of a dental surgeon, a prosthodontist, a dental technician, and an assistant.
A dental laboratory with highly skilled technicians is mandatory for the success of the prosthodontist work, as they create the restored tooth using durable, high-tech material that mimics the missing tooth.

If they are not well experienced or lack proper equipment, their work will come out incomplete, uncomfortable, messy and the mission towards a perfect smile will be aborted! The tooth/teeth are prepared by the Prosthodontist who creates and prepares a dental impression that is then sent to the dental laboratory with details about the age, condition, teeth color, size and shape, location and other parameters.

Then the dental technician will use his expertise to fabricate the desired tooth depending on the provided details. The fabricated tooth is then given to the prosthodontist to implement it into his/her treatment plan and restore the function and appearance of the missing tooth.

Magrabi’s advice:

If you have a missing tooth that needs replacement, then a regular dentist is not who you visit.

Only a prosthodontist can help you replace this tooth. He has more expertise and training regarding this field.

We are proud at Magrabi’s centers and hospitals with our specialized teams and labs that can help you restore the missing tooth function and appearance using the latest equipment, best materials and with the help of great prosthodontists.

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