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New world at MAGRABI portal, a new addition containing lite information and some medical tips which are necessary to ensure you a normal, healthy and safe life for you and your lovely family
Orthodontics, Brace yourself!

What is orthodontics? Orthodontics is the branch of ... read more

laser eye surgery, eye-innovate!

Laser eye surgery, also known as LASIK surgery ... read more

How to get rid of glasses, temporarily and permanently!

Glasses are normally divided into sunglasses and eyeglasses. ... read more

Lasik surgery, the past, present and future of eye surgery!

What is Lasik surgery? LASIK stands for: Laser-Assisted ... read more

Ultra Lasik vs Femto Lasik … Differences and Similarities.

LASIK which is an acronym for: laser-assisted in ... read more

(11) things you must know about Echo Exam

What is Echo Exam? Echo is a short ... read more


What is anesthesia? It is the use of ... read more

Femtosmile, the latest technology in eye surgery!

What is femtosmile surgery? Also known as SMILE ... read more

Femtolasik, the bladeless eye surgery

What is femtolasik? Femtolasik is a relatively new ... read more

Adenoids in Adults

What are adenoids? Adenoids are tissue mass that ... read more

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