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Magrabi Hospital – Riyadh JCI re-accredited

Magrabi Hospital – Riyadh JCI re-accredited

Magrabi Hospital, Riyadh got its JCI re-accreditation with the highest scores (99%). Dr Akef El-Maghraby, Chirman, celebrated this great achievement with Dr Abdulaziz Al Rajihi, Central Region Supervisor General, Mr. Hossam Eissa, regional operations director and all the hospital team. We wish them all the success.

What is JCI Accreditation?

Each hospital and health care organization that applies for JCI accreditation takes about two years to prepare. During this time, the entire organization works together to develop and implement the new high quality and patient-safe policies, practices, and procedures that are required to meet our standards.

During on-site evaluation, a team of expert JCI physicians, nurses, and health care administrators visits the organization and evaluates more than a thousand measurable elements. Through interviews with staff, patients, and leadership, along with physical inspections and reviews of records, the survey touches every part of the organization and provides a complete evaluation of the effectiveness of the organization’s patient safety and quality system.

JCI accredits hospitals and academic medical centers. It also accredits clinics, laboratories, ambulance services and emergency transport organizations, home care, long term care, and primary care facilities.

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